Meet Lisa

Master Esthetician, Reiki Master, and Coach, North River NS

My focus has always been on holistic health- in other words, the whole person!

As long as I can remember I’ve been passionate about helping others and I am committed to nurture the inner self as well as the outer esthetic. From lash lift and tints to Reiki energy healing, I want to help you look and feel amazing!

I’m choosy about my products, using the healthiest, most effective choices – including doTERRA pure essential oils and Bio Sculpture nail treatments. 

I am the only one in Atlantic Canada using Phyt’s Organic Skincare and makeup- a French company who have been proving themselves worldwide for 50 years. 

If this is the kind of care and experience you’ve been looking for and know that you deserve – I’d love to have you as a client.

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I help clients unlock their own potential and empower themselves to achieve their goals and dreams.

Contact me for information on working together to start living your most inspired life.

LifeVantage Consultant 

LifeVantage specializes in a new science called Nutrigenomics; researching, testing, and creating products to address the biochemical effects of aging, with the ultimate goal of biohacking the human body to live longer – much, MUCH longer.

Activate your best life with LifeVantage products: