Vital Care Anti-Aging Facial

The Vital Care Anti-Aging Facial nourishes and revitalizes dry, mature skin. 90 minutes $118

This anti-aging and nourishing facial is perfect for dry, mature skin!  Best done weekly for 6 weeks and then once monthly, this energizing facial is extremely relaxing as well. The aim is to treat wrinkles, nourish and help firm the skin. A gentle cleanse and exfoliation is followed by an application of a stimulating concentrate to lines and wrinkles, reinforcing the skin’s connective tissue. A wrinkle-defying facial massage using Serum Anti-Rides is next, and helps smooth, protect, and firm the skin. The next step is Masque Vitalite to soothe, nourish, and regenerate. Nutri-protecteur is the last nourishing step and leaves your face soft, supple, and radiant!